Peter ready for a training ride from Musgrave Landing on Salt Spring Island
Ready for a bike ride
Peter and his crew racing Laivina around the buoys at Oak Bay
Racing at Oak Bay

Peter Freeman is a Renaissance Person with an artistic expression. A thirst for adventure, linked with the desire to know the mysteries this beautiful planet and its underpinning laws of nature, has driven him to explore oceans, mountains and deserts. He is focused now on using his artistic skills to share those rich experiences with you.

Cape Horn Birthday

Record-Breaking Non-Stop CircumnavigationCape Horn Birthday documents the extraordinary non-stop round-the-world circumnavigation of a lone sailor and his thirty-two-foot sloop. GPS did not exist when Peter Freeman set sail from Victoria, British Columbia, in 1984. Peter navigated the old-fashioned way, with a compass, a sextant, books of tables, and his wits. Along the way, he had to rebuild the self-steering rudder, repair torn sails, and fix broken gear.
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Growth is a collection of poetry using historical events to identify its impact on a young boy’s life as he matures from childhood to adulthood.

Childhood: First Memories | Flower, Belt, and Birthmark | The Dunny Can Man | The Fight | Bullies Vanquished | The Pedal Car | Confession | The Kittens | The Tree House | Old Men in the Shadows

Puberty: First Kiss | Last Beating | I Walk the Line | Riding My Tanka Bike

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