About Regrowth

Status: Unpublished – Manuscript preparation

Regrowth is the second book of fifty poems that describe the impact of modern day events on our lives now and future of our children’s lives.


It was a proving ground of sorts I found,
for the years that I was fond.
My life took form and showed its warmth
to friends I had yet to bond.

I took each day in hands of clay
to hold it to my heart.
Yet my softened soul absorbed its mould,
unready to play its part.

We had much fun when said and done,
no hurry to grow from youth.
Each exchange seemed so strange,
yet marked us with its truth.

Our years went by and I wondered why
my life had taken its route.
For somehow then, I began to pen
the tales that came to fruit.

Now at age, my thoughts now wage
a battle for their time.
My friends from school, their senses cool
do honour me in their prime.

It was a place that gave me grace
yet I was unaware.
My classmates all, small and tall,
were the potters with so much flair.

They shaped my thoughts, and I know I aught
to gift them with a smile.
But far away I reside today,
and can only write awhile.

So here’s to you, my friends so true
to gather ourselves together.
I count my luck, that decades have struck
and my life had not gone nether.

Peter Freeman (August 25, 2018)

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