#2 The Case of the Missing Medallion

About The Case of the Missing Medallion

Status: Plot structure complete.

Emily and Zoe are having their summer vacation at a beach resort called Pirates Cove, named for the legend that persists of a secret stash of pirate’s treasure. Modern day thieves are using a little known underwater sea cave in the cove to hide jewellery that they have stolen. The cave can only be accessed at low tide and by the use of SCUBA or snorkelling gear.

A teenage boy, who loves swimming and diving, discovers the cave when he is snorkelling and is able to diver under the rock butters to enter the air filled cave. He finds a number of padlocked boxes and a jewelled medallion in the sand on the dry cave floor. He takes the medallion, and that evening, gives it to his girlfriend.

His girlfriend’s mother recognizes the value of the medallion and engages Emily and Zoe to find out how her daughter came by the jewellery. The pair follow the young boy and watch him as he disappears when he is snorkelling near the cave entrance. Not knowing about the cave, Emily and Zoe believe he has drowned and are about to seek help when he reappears ten minutes later.

They reason that he has discovered the legendary cave and decide to explore. The next day, the boy’s parents have reported that their son is missing. Emily and Zoe return to the cave entrance with swim flippers, snorkel and mask and dive under the water to emerge in the cave. They discover the boy tied up and a large stash of newly stolen jewellery in boxes, one of which is unlocked.

They untie the boy, and the three swim back to the outside with some pieces of the jewellery as evidence. As they leave the area, they notice a dive boat at anchor off the entrance to the cave. From high above on the cliffs, they spot two SCUBA divers heading for the cave. They contact the police and the thieves are caught as they emerge from the cave.


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