#3 The Case of the Meandering Mare

About The Case of the Meandering Mare

Status: Plot structure complete.

Emily and Zoe are at a farm stay for their vacation. Besides doing chores such as milking goats and and a cow, they both go for a daily horse ride on a gentle mare. One morning, they go to the stable to ride their favourite mare and discover her missing. They follow the hoof prints for some distance until they are unable to find them any more. They return to the farm with only a vague idea as to where the mare has gone.

The next day, the mare returns on her own with her fetlocks covered with numerous seeds embedded in bright red clay. Emily and Zoe brush off the clay and take a sample into town. They find an old museum cared for by an elderly woman. She helps the pair identify the seeds and the area where the clay can be found. The girls return to the farm and ride to the place of the red clay.

They come upon a Hutterite colony where they meet a girl of their age. She explains that she came upon the mare when she was out walking in the forest and brought her back to the Elders. As it was harvest time, the Hutterites used the mare to pull the harvester and later to turn the grain mills to grind flour.

The Hutterite girl gives Emily and Zoe loaves of fresh bread and other gifts that her community had made and the pair ride back to the farm.


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